Tsubaki-nano Foot Lotion

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Surfactant & Preservative Free Foot Care Lotion 

Japanese patented micro bubbles technology unable us to realize a dreamlike emulsion without any surfactant. 

 Quick solution for bad odor using the
product's antibacterial natural fresh aroma.
For people who wear their shoes and boots the whole day.
Make sure to wear the shoe shocks after drying sprayed foot fingers.

 water, shell ginger’s (Alpinia speciosa) leaf oil, peppermint oilcamellia oil, olive oil

*Oils are made in Japan all the ingredients are vegan and halal friendly

Camellia oil from Kurume, Japan
Processed by special hand picking and through the cold-pressing method to extracted the pure oil which contains rich moisturizing capability

Olive oil from Shodo-shima, Japan
We use olive oil from one of the best olive groves in the Shodo-shima of Shikoku islands in Japan, where olives are famous to in this locality in Japan.

Peppermint oil from Hokkaido, Japan Kitami Hakka, a locality in Hokkaido has bountiful
supply of fresh and crisp fragrance known as peppermint.

Shell Ginger’s (Alpinia speciosa) leaf oil and leaf water from Okinawa
which provides antibacterial and antioxidant effects
with fresh fragrance.

【To use】

  • Spray directly in between toes
  • Use it before wearing the socks
  • For people who want to improve their dry and rough heels