Our Story

A supplier of responsibly sourced Japanese skincare material and packging for health and beauty businesses as well as offers bespoke experience to know Japanese beauty and wellness secrets.

Edible Skincare Japan specialize in exporting the natural foods, skincare ingredients/packaging and other goods related to Japanese beauty and wellness.
We are proud of our unique position and continually work to improve the awareness and delivery of sustainability within our industry all the way through to the end consumer.
Our approach has always been progressive and unconventional.
We are a little, dynamic company and support raw emerging talent formulating natural skincare,working with green skincare brands wherever possible.

Edible Skincare Japan is a supplier of responsibly sourced Japanese natural food, skincare ingredient/material. But we prefer to think of ourselves as more than just a exporting company.
We believe the true skincare begins from eating proper food and the skincare ingredient should be quality as well.We are pioneers at an exciting new frontier where agriculture, green beauty, exploration and ethics meet.We work with Japanese growers of agricultural products to keep our skin healthy and we do so responsibly and transparently.We have cooperative relations with the growers mainly in Western Japan,and make quality food and ingredient together.We have a proven track record of delivering a consistent supply of professionally grown farm products and foodstuffs, and quality skincare products while working with distinguished Japanese technical expert and craftsman. We also assist the foreign tourists to Japan to know Japanese beauty and wellness secrets through the experience with Japanese farmer.Edible Skincare Japan provides you the opportunity to know true Japanese beauty and heart.


About Us

Vision :

Edible Skincare Japan's vision is to be the first supplier of certified skincare ingredient derived from Japanese plants, promoting transparency, trust and responsible manufacturing practices.We seek to do things differently and to maintain a considered balance between people, nature and the environment.

Our services are based on the following principles:
  1. Introduce "Japanese beauty and wellness secrets" to the world through Japanese agri-products.
  2. Help you to build your own unique brand, not following the products of others
  3. Promote skincare effects of the old beauty wellness wisdom by adding state-of-the-art technique.
  4. Believe skincare regimen should be always simple and fun
  5. Use natural and naturally-delivered ingredients which are gentle for your skin and body
  6. Use the finest, quality and traceable ingredients
  7. Provide various information and knowledge on farm products and related matters

Our aims and objectives in business are to:
  1. Support the progress of the beauty and wellness business and make healthy working environment.
  2. Support farmers who try to ensure food safety and protect sustainable natural environment. 
  3. Act as go-between beauty business and agriculture to promote their business.