J-Beauty Business Consultation

We offer various business supporting services according to your request,

for example:

  • Would like to introduce Japanese beauty elements into your natural skincare brand
  • Would like to develop package / display equipment
  • Would like to develop skincare products with Japanese ingredients
  • Would like to introduce Japanese beauty method into your business
  • Would like to hold a tour to travel around the place related to Japanese beauty and wellness
  • Would like to have information on Japanese beauty and business

Consultation Fee

Investigation (feasibility study, client company)

  • Feasibility of selling your products in Japan : JPY30,000 - up
  • Finding requisite commodity/company etc. : JPY30,000 - up
  • Grasping needs JPY30,000
  • Cultivating sales routes/finding agent or vender  : JPY250,000 - up 
Contact us for other investigation

    OEM/ODM/contract manufacturing and export arrangement

    • An interview with you to grasp your demands : Free for 1 questionnaire and mail correspondence up to 3 rounds
    • Offering the possible manufacturers : JPY30,000/up to 5 offerings (JPY10,000 for one addition)

    Industry visit/herbal garden, growers visit arrangement

    • Arrangeing industrial visit or agricultural visit : JPY50,000/up to 5 offerings (JPY10,000 for one addition)
    • Accompaniment / JPY50,000/day + actual cost
    • Interpretation :further discussion needed

    Arrangement of Japanese trade show participation

    Contact us for …

    • Arranging the booth decoration 
    • Arranging interpretation 
    • Arranging operation