Sakura (Cherry blossom) for skincare use

Sakura and Japanese

Sakura is a Japan's symbolic flower as well as our national flower chrysanthemum.

Japanese has been enjoyed Sakura (Cherry blossom) viewing from ancient times. In late years, Japanese Sakura has became popular throughout the world and cherry blossom season has became busy to welcoming the guest from all over the world.

For Japanese, this season means the change or fresh start, time for the beginning of new schools terms or having new workers in a company. So the end of March to early April might be a special and memorable time for many Japanese.

Its flower language is "spiritual beauty".

Culinary use

Fruits of sakura,called "sakuranbo" in Japanese, cultivated in the northern part of Japan and is sold from Jun to July.


Salted sakura leaf to wrap sakura mochi is very poplar. It has sweet scent and enhance the sweet taste with its saltiness.

Sakura mochi

Salted sakura flower is another way to enjoy its lovely appearance and sweet scent. Salted flower soaked in hot water is called sakura tea.

 Sakura flavor is widly used in food industry for candy, cake, and other foods.

Cosmetic use

 Sakura flower extract is used in beauty industry as well. For skin brightening products, hair reproduction products, hair care products, body care products and other skincare products.

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