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We provide quality Japanese skincare materials and beauty foods, develop a solution to your issues happens on the way to success of your beauty brand business. 

We deliver Japanese beauty and wellness secrets from the inside and out. As we believe that the true beauty comes from the inside.

The art of true beauty starts from within and the ultimate brilliant skin is made by the supreme skincare products.




Organic Matcha

Are you looking for quality organic matcha? Contact us for more details.


Tsubaki Oil

We provide genuine Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica) oil. Contact us for more details.


Japan Made Skincare Materials

We export quality Japanese raw materials, packaging, paper box, finished products and more.

Beauty Business

We support your beauty and wellness business rise to the next level.

Japanese Beauty Experience

Experience the true Japanese beauty and wellness secrets.

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Japanese Beauty Dictionary

We deliver Japanese beauty-tips, industrial/business news, ingredients/package information and everything to grow your beauty brand and profitabble business.


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